Bus Driver Interested In Driving Lamborghini and Audi for Working, Left People With Question Signs

The public bus driver saw the driving to work. However, what he was doing was a big question, because he left many of his jaws wide open.
Looking at the yellow and sometimes blue Audi R8 Lamborghini Gallardo, the guy from the internet shocked Taiyuan when a picture of a sports car driving a luxury car that went online, was immediately hit by a virus.

According to reports, he really just sees himself as another ordinary citizen and does not try to brag about not showing off all his colleagues and colleagues.
But the one below is the question everyone asks, “Where did he get his money from ???”
As we all know, being a bus driver is not the best paid job out there, so how exactly can this guy afford this million-dollar car?

This man is also said to be a member of the luxury car club in the city. * Panting! *
Taiyuan is the capital and largest city in Shanxi province. The city is known where residents often display striking wealth, showing off how much money they have.
Shanghai’s online publication jokes that Taiyuan so the bus drivers also drive luxury cars.
The identity of men is still unknown, but there is speculation netizens say that this is really ‘tuhao’, a term used in China to describe the rich. That he may hide his true identity as a humble bus driver while he works.
If you have any information about him, please contact us. We also want to be his friend.