New TV service with the BBC to challenge Netflix, Amazon

LONDON – The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Wednesday announced plans to take on Netflix and Amazon and make online iPlayer on TV service in the UK in 2020.
“We need to reinvent iPlayer,” Director General Tony Hall said in a New Year message to the BBC.
online services that have been popular among viewers previous arrest was broadcast show, but now has the ambition to compete with giants such as Netflix and Amazon on fresh content.
“Our goal, even in the face of the rapid growth of our competitors, is to iPlayer to become the number one online TV services in ENGLISH,” he said.
“And we want to do it in 2020. It’s hard, but I knew we could do it.”
broadcasters can make more series available before they aired on television as part of their plan.
players will remain limited to the UK, however.
Competitors Amazon scored a coup when they signed Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May – a former presenter of the BBC hit worldwide automotive show “Top Gear” – for the new series “Grand Tour”.
Hall also said that the BBC will offer more in-depth “slow news” as a contrast to the fast-moving 24-hour news cycle.
“We’re back up there with the best in the world at telling people what is happening now, and where they came to find out what really happened,” he said.
remarks came a day after David Clementi, a former deputy governor of the Bank of England, which was announced as the government’s preferred candidate to become the corporation’s new chairman.