U-19 national team Almost Lose in Hand Persibo

U-19 national team Indonesia drew 1-1 with Persibo Bojonegoro in a friendly match at Lt. Gen. Soedirman Stadium on Saturday (17/06/2017).

U-19 national team difficult to score a goal so that Indra Sjafri troops only drew 0-0 in the first round.

In fact, Egy Maulana and his friends must be conceded first when the second half runs 15 minutes.

Agil Savik escorted national team goalkeeper after failing to stem the ball hard kick Nugroho Fathur from outside the penalty box.

These goals make the Garuda Nusantara squad whipped. In the 67th minute, Indonesia was able to equalize thanks to a Hanis Saghara goal. Egy Maulana provides a breakthrough bait.

Hanis then dribbled into the penalty box and then release a hard kick that could not dammed the home team goalkeeper.

After that, the national team has two golden opportunities through the action of Egy. The first opportunity booked the player from Medan in the 71st minute but successfully thwarted goalkeeper Persibo.

Then Persibo goalkeeper, Tony Aryo, again make Egy bite the finger for being able to ward off the ball free kick results.

Indonesia also actually excel the number of players following the memartumerahkannya M Irawan in the 82nd minute.

Unfortunately, Indonesia failed to take advantage of the number of players. Score 1-1 draw lasted until the fight was over.

Furthermore, U-19 national team will fight Malang United at Gajayana Stadium, Malang, on Tuesday (20/06/2017).

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