Motogp team and rider’s comments for the 2017 season became the hottest topic for the news hunters in the most prestigious motor racing event in the world, the article on motogp Assen Netherlands last season became the momentum for the new rules for the 201og Motogp later, as motogp organizers have taken some decisions And one of them is the decision dorna that will not enforce any team that is dimotogp to use winglet next season, whereas winglet itself become solution for team to overcome problem that happened at motor at racing.Before discussing it’s good we know what the hell its name Winglet?

WINGLET is an additional wing mounted on the motor body to increase the DOWNFORC (can provide down-force force) on the motor, in other words the winglet can reduce the effects of the upturned front tire or the term “ANTI-WHEELIE” and faster accelerated motors without reducing motor power . In motogp last season some teams in motogp started to lead to install winglet on their racing bikes and which made this winglet famous is the Ducati team, they started installing this winglet in the 2015 season which was then mounted on the motor Andrea Iannone and Andrea Dovizioso.Tapi see The 2015 motogp season rule set by Dorna as the motogp organizer to wipe-out the next season is a serious threat to some teams and unimaginable the motogp riders began to comment on the matter.

One of them is Motogp racer from satellite team Ducati Scott Reading, Reading assumes if he can no longer lazy next season because winglet technology that has been relied upon Ducati can not be used again by 2017 because Ducati became a team that is considered to pick the fruit of the policy because Winglet able to increase Aerodynamics motornya.Namun, in November and a number of teams have started to conduct pre-season testing without using this winglet technology on their bikes and some teaam admitted the hassle to adapt to the new motor.

“I’m struggling with a wingless tire (winglet) honestly, now we can no longer laze” said Scott Redding, quoted from Eurosport. Together with Octo Pramac Yakhnich racing team, Redding last season ended the race to 15 it was a pretty good achievement , The article Redding ever get finis to the third inGp Dutch.

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