The prediction of the 2017 motogp world champion talks about it can be said to be too early considering the 2016 motogp season is just over, as we all know the honda racing driver Marc marcuez won the race by getting rid of two rivals duo riders movistar yamaha valentino rossi and jorge lorenzo on Motogp japan disiraturan motegi, Sunday (16/10/2016). So tight and thrilling motorcycle racing event most prestigious in the world to the enthusiastic of the enthusiast motogp who exist all over the world have predicted about who the world champion motogp 2017 next year dikarnakan there are many riders who show his fangs after moving to another team and wrong The only one is maverick vinales.

Maverick vinales who moved from team suzuki to team movistar yamaha has proven himself worthy to be one of the candidates for world championship MotoGP season in 2017, after shining with yamaha motor dipengujian valencia last week, before vinales also been shining above mounts iron horse yamaha YZR_M1kala test disirkuit ricardo tormo (15-16) november kemarin.Sejatinya not only vinales that opportunity to try out his new iron horse, there was jorge lorenzo who also test the new iron horse belonging to the ducati Desmosedici GP16, underwent several rounds in ricado tormo circuit, the valencia lorenzo answered criticism much People about him would be difficult to adapt to his new bike but lorenzo answered the criticism by recording the fastest time of 1 minute 21.052 seconds.

 There is still one more name that seizes attention in the 2017 pre-season test, he is a former ducati racer Andrea iannone. Disposable by ducati and moving to a Japanese team suzuki does not make him discouraged and surrender, he even proves that he is still not exhausted, proven The day of the second test he could finish diurutan 4 with only disagree on who the fastest first 0,624detik of the Maverik vinales, although previously Iannone was terjatuh.dan there are still some other drivers who also do tests to try out the new bike for the 2017 season but this third pemblap The most enthusiastic attention of motogp enthusiasts around the world.

therefore, many of the fans enthusiast motogp who mempediksikan who will there be a world champion next season and not just the fans even exchange gambling makes the event MotoGP next season as a bet, some gambling houses bet 365, for example, they put vinales second place as a strong candidate calom 2017 motoGP world champion with peluang3.50 he plotted as a challenger marc marcuez world champion who is seeded sebgai sebesar2.26 and for lorenzo, bet 365 mnempatkan Spanish rider was in position to tigadengan 5 opportunities, while the seven-time world champion Valentino rossi placed well down Ie 5.50 rated fourth.

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