For the racer X-Fuera Sapaaan Lorenzo, the cause of his failure last season is less than he must be faced in a wet track, it’s no secret if Jorge Lorenzo is often less than the maximum during the race in the wet track. That’s what according to Lorenzo failed to defend the title World champion Motogp 2016. In last season all drivers not only racked their brains on how to conquer their rivals in the race, they were also forced to strategize for the right tire selection when the race took place in wet track conditions.

Despite the demekian, the 29-year-old rider did not seem to learn from his mistakes, the article Lorenzo always appear less competitive during the race on the wet track and his weakness is what should make him lose his title last season. Lorenzo does not seem to want to blanketed the same failure as he rode a horse Ducati’s iron on motogp 2017 next season, therefore, last month, he took himself to visit the home of Giacomo Agustini who is one of Motogp’s living legends, to seek advice from the problem.

At the meeting, Agutini did not tell the media if Lorenzo asked for advice from him, it was revealed in an interview with one of the Spanish media recently. “Two weeks ago, Jorge came to my house. I asked him to practice his racing skills in In the condition of wet tracks “said Agustini as quoted Marca, Sunday (11,12,2016). But it all depends on himself, whether he wants to learn or not and basically there is still time to learn to hone that ability until February” Said Agustini

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