Locking Failed By Ronaldo So Bayern lost

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti believes his team’s defeat over Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo escapes failure after playing with 10 players.
Bayern lost 1-2 from Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday (04/12/2017) early morning or Thursday.
Bayern have been seen to win the battle after winning in the first goal by Arturo Vidal in the 25th minute.
After that, when Bayern suffered bad luck. Starting from the failure of Vidal penalty (45 ‘) and red card Javier Martinez (61’).
As a result, Ronaldo became a soccer star with two goals created.
“Cristiano determines today’s action, I think we can control it well until we get a red card,” Ancelotti said.
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Ancelotti refuses the scapegoat associated Martinez Vidal and this defeat.
“Vidal is the first choice for a penalty. He has the ability to do it. However, this kind of thing (penalty failure) takes place in football,” Ancelotti said.
“I also do not blame Martinez, Madrid’s attack after the break and he’s fighting. He’s a very important player for us,” Ancelotti added.
Then how does Ancelotti see his team’s chances in the second leg held at Santiago Bernabeu on April 18, 2017?
“It will be a very difficult game in Madrid but we still have a chance, we will try to take advantage of opportunities and try to play as well as possible,” said Ancelotti.
Madrid need only a 0-0 draw to seal the semifinal ticket. While Bayern have to work hard to win by a margin of two goals to qualify

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