I think Mourinho has destroyed the style of MU Games

Andrei Kanchelskis recently criticized Manchester United’s manager Jose Mourinho, who kept the team from playing with the winger they used to show in recent years.

The former Red Devils winger played at Old Trafford for five years and believes that Mourinho’s tactics have made United difficult for success.

“Mourinho does not like to play winger, they use a different system now, unlike when United used 4-4-2, now they are playing more defensively, looking for the final result, and are no longer playing as openly as before,” Kanchelskis said.
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“If I tackle a team and will play against Manchester United, I will try to play with 4-4-2, because if you play with the winger there are more chances to score against their goal.”

“United have trouble scoring goals because there is no feeder United should be able to give this away There is no winger in the team now either in the club or the national team This is not only experienced by United but also all the teams in England United have always had good winger Giggs, Beckham, me, and Nani.

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