Fiorentina Target Marcelo Larrondo

Although the massive spending made last summer has had a positive impact with the team ranked third in the 2012/13 Serie A standings, I Gigliati is believed to still want to bring new ammunition in the front sector, and Larrondo enters their criteria.
Funds of about € 1.5 million are reportedly enough to bring Larrondo to Artemio Franchi with a joint ownership status. That number could even be reduced again by including duet midfielder Ruben Olivera and Francesco Della Rocca into the bid package.
Larrondo, who has defended I Robur since 2009, has just been released from suspension due to failing to report a scorekeeping effort to the authorities. His sentence was cut to three months and 20 days following an appeal with a fine of € 30,000.

Thailand were able to lead two goals through Peerapat Notchaiya and Teerasil Dangda in the first round. But in the early second half, Boaz Solossa and Lerby Eliandry successfully equalized to 2-2.

But in the end because stamina penggawa Alfred Riedl began to look saggy, Thailand can score two additional goals. Indonesia was defeated 4-2.

Despite losing, Rizky still see there is a positive side of the game. He feels his colleagues are performing well. Only, they eventually lost because they can not maintain the level of concentration.
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“Alhamdulillah we’ve played well, but, because we lack focus in the final minutes conceded two goals,” said Rizky.

“They were quick on the counter-attack, we just lost focus, so they can go back to scoring all the players,” added Barito Putra midfielder.

The defeat has made Indonesia slumped at the bottom of the standings. Thailand is top because the Philippines and Singapore are only playing a 0-0 draw.

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