The incident of rossi hit by a woman in valencia that tails long when it rossi was driving a scooter yamaha with a crew in the middle of the crowd, until disalah one area where there is a woman in black and blond hair to take selfie pictures but it seems sie women do not realize if he has blocked So the rossi was not accidentally hit him, the Italian rider immediately left while showing expression of annoyance because of peddock lane and make it difficult to pass and this small incident occurred after the last race in gp valencia this week (13/11/2016). Attention of the media crew and fans the doctor, after that incident rossi also said “aq apologize to him, aq hope he is fine, every time aq have to go from paddock home to garage and people obstruct kendaraaan aq to take pictures or try Take my hat and aq has repeatedly said this “when will do selfie, pe The woman appeared in my path and aq could not escape, again aq mnta sorry to him “that’s some words that the Italian racer told the media crew, although the rossi have apologized the woman who later known named” Ana Cabanillas “reported to the rossi to court High valencia.

Ana reports on the actions performed by the Italian valentino rossi racer racer, ana wanted the rossi to not only apologize verbally but in general, after the incident ana denounced the rossi for her assault, such as a report presented in court with instruction19 valencia.
Then whether the valentino rossi defense against the statement and report ana against it ?, Here’s a quote the words of the doctor:
Rossi says: “in the photo that has spread across the social media, you will see a woman aiming for selfie regardless of what is behind her, when I pass behind her by riding a scooter with a crew, a bit of a nudge is enough to drop us both But some female fans are usually only concerned with the fun alone without respecting the drivers who are concentrating and relax for a moment before starting to ride the motor racing at a speed of 350 km / hour, I think the mistake is on the organizer motogp valencia “

As reported by various media if the incident rossi hit men in this valentia to be a long tail because ana has reported the action valentino rossi court and condemned rossi but Ana also get threats from heavy fans who nicknamed the docter (valentino rossi), Ana Cabalillas has told To media crews when he gets a less wearing event when he gets threats and contempt messages from social media facebook.ini a week after the valentino rossi incident hit him in a horrendous paddock area last week.
In an interview with one of the Spanish tv stations (antena3), Cabanillas recalled that his personal facebook account was filled with threatening and insulting tones from rossi fans.

Cabanillas said if rossi fans have sent many messages to him with threats and humiliation, you could say this is a new fact since a cabanillas complained about the case of a collision done valentino rossi to valencia high court. With an instant the name of Cabanillas became popular among the lovers of motogp throughout the world. This is because cabanillas said if rossi accidentally hit a woman who is known marc marcuez fans tersebit, rossi who was not yet know the name of the woman tried to apologize but apology rossi rejected cabanillas.dia also said if rossi deliberately hit him and make his legs bruised because it was cabanillas Decided to take legal action on the action of the rossi.

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