Romantic Romantic Stories

Arai and Zakia come from the island of Belitong, Laskar Pelangi. Arai is a sacred circle, the only child who is a family descendant. As a child he was left to die his father, the last last family. After his father’s departure, he took care of his uncle who is none other than Ikal’s father, the main character of tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi.

Since then Arai and Ikal are friends, they are studying in the same school. They play, act naughty, and grow dreams together. Until finally went to SMA Negeri 1 Manggar, the only high school in Belitong Island at that time. This is where Arai meets with Zakia Nurmala, her first love.

Zakia Nurmala comes from a middle-class family. Not a rich family, but not too poor living like most Belitong citizens. Meanwhile, Arai’s adoptive father, Ikal’s father, is a rough officer in PN Timah with a mediocre salary. This condition is exacerbated by the fall of world tin price at that time, which resulted in PN Timah must be out of business. Hundreds of employees who rely on the life of this giant company should be dismissed, including Arai’s father.

Zakia is described as a simple girl. His face is sweet physically, though not super pretty. His character tends to be innocent, like most Belitong girls. But, for Arai, Zakia is a charming girl. Inevitably Arai village boy who is still snot in the affairs of love can be crazy and desperate pursuit. That picture is given by Andrea Hirata in the novel Sang Pemimpi (2nd Sequel from the Rainbow Troop). In his own film version, Zakia Nurmala is played by Maudy Ayunda, if this one can not be doubted its charm. Yes No?

From Zakia’s point of view, there is nothing special about Arai. Arai most are teenagers Belitong. His body is quite strapping with the skin due to jet travel from the haphazard work that must be followed as a sailor coolies in the market, also porters and ice fish at the fish auction location. This kind of work is often done Belitong children to help the family economy.

Arai is an innocent person. What he knows about seducing a girl is what he usually sees from Malays every day. It is already flowing in the blood of Malays, the culture is polite in every need. Traditional shows, chatting in coffee shops, are also linked to seducing a woman. Therefore, that’s what Arai did to give the code to Zakia Nurmala, that she liked it.

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